Thought Question for the Week / Week 1 Thought Question: The Beijing Declaration
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Even a devepoled country like Austria isn't fullfilling these commitments
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Posted: August 10, 2016 @ 01:03 PM
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Question: Week 1 Thought Question: The Beijing Declaration
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Even a devepoled country like Austria isn't fullfilling these commitments
While I read these commitments I almost got angry, because there's so much unequality in our world concerning women's discrimination, but one should think that at least wealthy nations do better and act as a good example.
I live in Austria, and every year somewhen in autumn the news inform us, that now is the day of unequal payment in our country. How can it be that women are less paid for the same work than men? We have so many "important" people in politics talking a lot about many things. But they are unable to pass a law which protects women from unjust working contracts,
Secondly I noticed several times that women should be encouraged to become leaders in different fields. And that men should help raising children and share the work in the households. That's a thing the majority of the Austrian population agrees with, but it cannot be done that easily. To me it also means that women should not have to stay at home when they have given birth to children for the only reason to look after them. But there are not enough capacities for childcare places, so many mothers are forced to stay at home (because of the next point that in average men earn more money so it's better for the finacial situation of the families that the men go on working). But that's also a thing which could be changes by the government (which rated the Beijing Declaration!).
The third thing governments (but I can only speak for the Austrian - I hope somewhere else this is already done) could change is to make sure that every child has to learn about this Declaration/the Platform for Action at School. I didn't in my whole life.

There where two more thought about this, not really connected to the Declaration. First, I think that to achieve equality between men and women we should raise our children with new role models. Boys AND girls should know about their worth and get the self esteem to make their own decisions and especially to say no to things they don't like. I'm thinking of new role models like for example sportsmen who are confident enough to talk about their homosexuality. Especially for boys this would be a big step towards a free and open way of life. You can be strong (like a lot of Boys are told to should be) and "a real" man even if you're gay. I think that's the only way to rise the respect for women because there are also free humans with free decisions of who or what they want to be.
And the second unrelated thought was about the "worth" of women and girls. About one year ago there was a story in the newspapers about the selling lists for female hostages by the IS. It was about the prices, the younger the girl the higher the price. I was very upset, but I don't know what to do against that yet. Probably it's what I basically think of almost all of these discrimination issues: education and empowerment is the key. I hope I will see the change in the world during my lifetime...

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