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September152016 In response to:  Where is week 5 on SAIL?  (Comment)
I think they've put up the rest of the forums now!
August182016 In response to:  Regarding courseware   (Comment)
At least they have put up Week 2 forums now
August172016 In response to:  Regarding courseware   (Comment)
They seem to have hidden week 3 onwards eventhough it was available yesterday. I have contacted them about week 2 forums and will let you know if and when they say something but hopefully they will just open them for us to comment, Gwenn
August122016 In response to:  Formation of group  (Comment)
Hi, I am also from the UK and am keen to join a group. I'm happy to join one which can do meetings at a reasonable time and not in the middle of the night! I also am happy to do a written conversation/ group if people prefer, Gwenn
August102016 CEDAW in the UK  (Answer)
The UK is a signatory of CEDAW, having signed in 1981 but it was not ratified until 1986. The UK states that the main objective of the convention is to reduce discrimination against women. The July 2013 committee recommended introducing a national plan to reduce human female trafficking among both women and girls as well as taking steps to reduce the gender pay gap which seems to be prevalent among other countries as well.
August102016 Helen video reaction  (Answer)
I found this video very interesting and informative. I think it is important to understand that there is a difference between de jure and de facto change within society of which Helen clearly explains. A country may have signed a treaty but if the government does not actively encourage its use then little change will come about, the same for civilians of a country. If an individual has had minimal education then it is difficult for them to try and improve their position within society and the world as they have no background knowledge or understanding.

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