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September062016 WHO "Today's evidence, tomorrow's agenda" and Avotri and Walters “We Women Worry a Lot about our Husbands”  (Answer)
I didn't find the box for leaving my thoughts about these two readings, but because I was pretty impressed especially by the study of Ghanaian women I'll put in it this section (1.3).First I was thinking about the described situation of women's health by the WHO and their goals. I think they forgot a very important point about the differences between the general health of men and women. Men are more likely to "suffer" (=moan) more when they are ill. We also notice that in our emergency unit at the hospital where I work. Sometimes men come to us with a very little problem - thinking they are really ill. And because there's a short movie by some comedians about a man at the desk in the emergency ward sniffing and everybody is running for help because it's a MAN sniffing, we always tell this joke to each other in these moments. On the other hand there are several cases of men don't visiting the doctor because they fear the consequences and so they are waiting too long and just show up when it's already (too) late. So I think there is a obvious difference between men and women regarding the subjective health stateI have to say I really liked their aim to prepare age-friendly Environments and increase opportunities for older women to contribute productively to society. Because I'm quite interested in geriatrics I do miss facilities in this respect.And secondly my thought about the tellings of Ghanaian women. I loved reading these very personal experiences because I think there is a difference between the cultures and so I can try to better understand the way of life in Ghana. I felt sympathy while reading, but there are two things I didn't get: First, what do all the women think who are the second ones and why do they do that? And the other thing is, why do boys, who grow up watching these scenes happening at home or at least suffering from the hard situation, become such men? Shouldn't they have learned better?
August152016 Austria has a lot of work to do  (Answer)
Austria is a signatory of CEDAW with one reservation on article 11 "as far as night work of women and special protection of working women is concerned, within the limits established by national legislation". In the document I didn't find anything written about night work in particular. But I didn't wonder so much about that because we have a quiet good labour union to secure the rights at the working places. I was more upset because it's written in detail that men and women should have the same income for the same work, but this isn't true at all!
August152016 rape as a weapon and US funds with restrictions  (Answer)
As most of the other responses already stated, I can just agree with the others. Rape and sexual violence are weapons and how frequently they are used in wartimes it was very important to acknowledge them as war crimes.Secondly, I've been very shocked about the fact that the US are restricting their donations and funds and do not support total health care with medicially assisted abortion. I think the NGOs should decide what they will use the given money for. Unfortunately this is probably another case in which the US wants to demonstrate power and to tell others what and how to do. So everything refers back to politics instead of being just what it is meant to, e.g. development aid in this case.
August152016 Thoughts on Chapter 1 - choosing a role  (Answer)
For me the most important point in the first chapter was the role a boy or a girl is born into. The whole thing with sex preference just exists because we give roles with different archetypes to each gender. In some ways it's ok and natural that men and women have different functions and duties (there is a genetic difference) but in most concerns it should be possible to choose whether I want to take the female role which implicates emotional, enduring and "weak" behavior, or the male role which has to be strong, harsh and potent (oversimplified) or even mix it up! I have already written about my opinion on the role models especially for boys and how I think it affects the personalities of boys and their further behavior towards women. Children but especially boys should be taught that everyone has the right to choose his/her role - and change it however he/she wants to. And as I think role models are very important for this lesson we should support the representation e.g. of athletes who are couragous enough to show them weak or even gay. Statistically it's not possible that no football player in the champion's league is gay, but they are affraid to make it public. But exactly this would help others to follow suit.I also think it's okay for me as a woman to take a classical female role in case I seek the classical male role in a partnership. Sometimes it's good to have someone to lean on - but this is true for both partners. Probably the best way to explain myself is an analog of sexual behavior: sadomasochism. This practice is okay as long as both parts have agreed to it and there is a defined limit. It's the same for playing our gender roles - as long as I'm fine with it it's acceptable, but it's my choice and my decision how far it goes.Everything is about respect.
August102016 educational levels of the (female) populations  (Answer)
The statistics underline the fact, that it's always easier to control uneducated people. The leaders or any other powerful people of different lobbies try to undermine the worth of and the access to education. So they have to believe what they are told. It's the same with the religions, to prohibit the questioning of dogmas led to many cruelties against opponents. The best example is "Boko Haram" - they even call themselves after their dogma (education is bad).I think the solution for many problems is to spread education, intelligence and respect.
August102016 Even a devepoled country like Austria isn't fullfilling these commitments  (Answer)
While I read these commitments I almost got angry, because there's so much unequality in our world concerning women's discrimination, but one should think that at least wealthy nations do better and act as a good example.I live in Austria, and every year somewhen in autumn the news inform us, that now is the day of unequal payment in our country. How can it be that women are less paid for the same work than men? We have so many "important" people in politics talking a lot about many things. But they are unable to pass a law which protects women from unjust working contracts,Secondly I noticed several times that women should be encouraged to become leaders in different fields. And that men should help raising children and share the work in the households. That's a thing the majority of the Austrian population agrees with, but it cannot be done that easily. To me it also means that women should not have to stay at home when they have given birth to children for the only reason to look after them. But there are not enough capacities for childcare places, so many mothers are forced to stay at home (because of the next point that in average men earn more money so it's better for the finacial situation of the families that the men go on working). But that's also a thing which could be changes by the government (which rated the Beijing Declaration!).The third thing governments (but I can only speak for the Austrian - I hope somewhere else this is already done) could change is to make sure that every child has to learn about this Declaration/the Platform for Action at School. I didn't in my whole life.There where two more thought about this, not really connected to the Declaration. First, I think that to achieve equality between men and women we should raise our children with new role models. Boys AND girls should know about their worth and get the self esteem to make their own decisions and especially to say no to things they don't like. I'm thinking of new role models like for example sportsmen who are confident enough to talk about their homosexuality. Especially for boys this would be a big step towards a free and open way of life. You can be strong (like a lot of Boys are told to should be) and "a real" man even if you're gay. I think that's the only way to rise the respect for women because there are also free humans with free decisions of who or what they want to be.And the second unrelated thought was about the "worth" of women and girls. About one year ago there was a story in the newspapers about the selling lists for female hostages by the IS. It was about the prices, the younger the girl the higher the price. I was very upset, but I don't know what to do against that yet. Probably it's what I basically think of almost all of these discrimination issues: education and empowerment is the key. I hope I will see the change in the world during my lifetime...

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