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September072016 In response to:  Chapter 5 reaction  (Comment)
It is of no surprise that the statistics and all the odds are in the developing countries which still need more education for the young people so that they will be aware of issues that put them at risk as part of cultural rites and customs but do not give them an alternative to better life
September072016 In response to:  Health Education-TeachAIDS  (Comment)
Strict adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) is key to sustained HIV suppression, reduced risk of drug resistance, improved overall health, quality of life, and survival,1,2 as well as decreased risk of HIV transmission.3 Conversely, poor adherence is the major cause of therapeutic failure. Achieving adherence to ART is a critical determinant of long-term outcome in HIV infected patients. For many chronic diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension, drug regimens remain effective even after treatment is resumed following a period of interruption. In the case of HIV infection, however, loss of virologic control as a consequence of non-adherence to ART may lead to emergence of drug resistance and loss of future treatment options. Many patients initiating ART or already on therapy are able to maintain consistent levels of adherence with resultant viral suppression, CD4+ T-lymphocyte (CD4) count recovery, and improved clinical outcomes. Others, however, have poor adherence from the outset of ART and/or experience periodic lapses in adherence over the lifelong course of treatment. Identifying those with adherence-related challenges that require attention and implementing appropriate strategies to enhance adherence are essential roles for all members of the treatment team.
September072016 In response to:  "Everyone deserves the best start in life”  (Comment)
Quite encouraging words and this shows that when young people are given tools for development and proper education they are capable of doing great things to move away from hunger,poverty,diseases , and other bad behavioral tendencies to equip themselves with knowledge for survival
September072016 In response to:  TeachAIDS video  (Comment)
One of the most and best presentation about a hard and sensitive topic, i think this should be used in many public gatherings so that people can learn without being offended by the subject. Beautiful presentation .
September062016 In response to:  TeachAIDS  (Comment)
I agree with you everything is hinged on educating the communities and having medication available so that people can access it when need arise
September012016 In response to:  Assistance Vulnerably Elderly and Children International (AVEC International)  (Comment)
Quite true to the sense that you are pointing to a very basic point of objectives of the NGO

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