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August252016 Education and Descrimination  (Answer)
Understanding that educating women will decrease childhood mortality rates speaks volumes to me. Educating women, it would suggest, will put more compassionate individuals in places of power. once in a place of power the same women who choose to "channel much more of their income to expenditures on children than their husbands do" will likely make good choices for the human rights of their children and grandchildren. That makes for a hopeful outcome.It is important to acknowledge how change concerning Female Genital Mutilation is being achieved. In reading Chapter 3, it is evident that forcing members of societies that practice TGM to change was far less effective than education and compromise.
August252016 Son Preference and Women's Health, Poverty and Rights  (Answer)
My paternal grandparents were very traditional - and very pro-male. As I read Chapter 2 of Anne's book, I recalled experiences I had as a child where boys were clearly valued over girls in my grandparents home. I also recalled my mother's fearless challenges to the way things were in my grandparents household. She taught me and my sisters some valuable lessons in those early days that have served me well. The idea that girls are going missing is a frightening revelation to me. I realize how "good" I had it. While I have suffered from discrimination in my lifetime, I have also had advocates who protected me and gave me a voice against injustice. The girls we are discussing here have not been given that protection. We need to fight for them.
August252016 Helen Stacey  (Answer)
A well done segment. Helen Stacey offered insight on many topics discussed that brought clarity to why we are where we are.i enjoyed listening to the give and take offered by both women during the discussion.
August252016 United States  (Answer)
The U.S. has not signed the Declaration. Our political system is In a state of chaos and truly has been for quite some time.
August252016 Beijing Declaration  (Answer)
the Beijing Declaration is a positive step toward placing women on an equal footing with men. I believe it is crucial that the US join the other countries and sign the Declaration. As a world leader, the United States needs to publicly support it - not just for its own people but to communicate to the rest of the world that this issue is an important one. In my view, discrimination against women continues to be an issue for all countries in the world. As I write this note, I recall a picture on the news this week of a women wearing a burkini on a beach being surrounded by French police officers. That picture of four police officers wearing vests, heavy boots and guns - standing over a woman sitting on a beach - is alarming and very symbolic to me. but I view the Beijing Declaration as one of hope. The fact that such a document exists and has been acknowledged by so many countries is an important fact. We must continue to move toward getting what has been "declared" to respected and implemented throughout the world.
August242016 We have so much more work to do  (Answer)
The data sheet provides information that shocks and saddens. Education is the solution. Courses like this one will chip away at these statistics. I am looking forward to spending the next two months digging deeper.

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